"Companies must recognize that their true value is in their employees."
- Steve Jobs

Simple Return on Investment

Recruitment Savings

On average it costs companies $4,000 to fill a single position. By reducing turnover you can cut costs in many areas related to recruitment and severance fees.


Companies that implement regular employee feedback experience turnover rates 14.9% lower than industry averages. Retained Top Performers = Maintained Success


It makes employees happy to know that their opinions matter and that they can make a difference. Happy employees see a 12% increase in productivity and a 37% decrease in absenteeism.


Doesn't everyone want to work in a happy environment? Feedback will identify the inhibitors of happiness in your workplace. Thus, making it easier to attract top talent to the company.

Operational Efficiency

Only 17% of employees agree their company has open communication. By introducing a fast and efficient way to get feedback, employees will always be able to find the answers they're looking for.


Use employee insights to boost employee energy and morale. This leads to 18% higher customer retention rates and can set you up to outperform the competition by 202% in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

A poll will only be seen by the departments it was sent to, and the user who posted the poll. Departments are our way of grouping users into different segments.
We provide onboarding courses for all the different types of users who sign into PollUp for the first few times. On top of that, we also have a help center designed to educate users on how to specifically use PollUp. We always recommend to start with one very simple question.
We bill users at the end of the month. This way your free trial is built in. As long as you cancel within your first 30 days you can use PollUp without spending a dime.
We were very diligent about making PollUp an accessible product. Users can access the application through any web browser, and soon, mobile apps. We also have implemented email notifications so everyone is notified when a new poll is posted.
By using PollUp’s poll automation tool you will be able to compile results throughout time. This way you will be able to look at different analytics and physically see if the changes you made had a difference on behavior and feelings. Quick weekly pulses such as, “Are you satisfied with management?” can measure this. You can customize the different metrics you use to measure success.
You can create all the employee accounts by uploading a single .CSV file. Employees will then recieve emails with their login credentials.
We believe there is no better way to stay connected with employees than to keep constant contact with them. A single question a day is a simple and easy way to keep that connect. By deploying a single question it increases the response rate by 21.5% and allows a company to build much larger sample sizes.