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The most effective way to engage employees & assess company culture.

Surveys Aren't for Everyone

When 2 out of every 3 employees are disengaged at work, we know the typical survey is no longer enough to understand how your employees truly feel. At PollUp, we have re-envisioned the way we gather feedback by creating a tool to interact with employees in frequent intervals. When there's a disruption of satisfaction in your workplace, you are the first to know.

The Old Way

Long traditional surveys with low response rates

Infrequent assessments that miss day-to-day issues

Weeks spent processing data

The PollUp Way

Experience a 21.5% increase in responses

Deal with problems in real time

Get easy and digestible results

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We Believe the Simple Act of Listening to Employees Leads to Improvements in:


We know employee onboarding is a difficult process. Our templates and customizable capabilities allow you to generate questions for the people and values that matter most.


What would happen if you asked one really good question a day? Imagine what you would learn. Our unique single question polling method not only engages but builds relationships.


Become an organization that is run by great ideas, not just hierarchies. Solicit feedback from your team to discover and improve inefficiencies. How's the saying go? Two heads are better than one?


Companies that implement regular employee feedback experience turnover rates 14.9% lower than industry averages. It takes time and money to recruit great employees, but what does it take to keep them?

How it Works

Step 1

Receive Guidance

Design your workflow for how you will use PollUp. Our experts have curated countless poll templates and guides to give you an idea of the different metrics that are available for measurement.
Step 2

Start Polling

Use our unique single question polling method to quickly get a pulse of your organization. Our advanced features, such as automation, allow you to begin effortlessly building big data.
Step 3

Get Results

Frequent feedback would be pointless without a way to display and analyze the results you've gathered. We designed a beautifully intuitive way to track your data and make improvements.

Key Features

Anonymous Man


Toggle the ability to gather truly anonymous feedback.
Line Graph


Effectively track your data over time, or just get a quick pulse.
Speech Bubble


Interact with anonymous suggestions and conversations.


Customize your polls, segmentations, and software to match your organization.


Utilize our professionally curated templates to get started.
Phone Outline

Go Mobile

On top of email notifications, you can also improve response rates with our mobile app.

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